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All-World Monster

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All-World Monster Map

All-World Monster Map

Banshee, Dracula, Godzilla, Zombies ...

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Product Details

- Ships within 24 hours
- Hand-Drawn Wall Map
- Dimensions: 26" x 39 �"
- Suitable for Framing


Nobody ever dared to chart the native regions of the earth's most fearsome monsters until BigStick.

Cringe at the quatrains that accompany each monster...

The Banshee from Ireland

Hear the banshee shriek again,
'tis sure a life will meet its end.
Her piercing scream, that awful cry,
Warn all tonight that one will die.

Godzilla from Japan

From a radioactive blizzard
Came a great mutated lizard.
Should your movement catch his eye,
Say sayonara, samurai.

Zombies from Haiti

Cadavers stolen from their rest
Eternity, and last requests.
Now from their empty graves they tread-
The undeparted, walking dead.


"Do not travel anywhere without this map"
 - Dracula

"Then again, after getting mine, I don't want to go anywhere."
 - King Kong

Pricing Details

All-World Monster Map:
$25: (includes shipping & handling)

Professionally Matted and Framed: ($215)
We can also provide this map to you mounted on gatorboard in a wonderfully matching Anodic Black aluminum frame with plexiglass for $215.00 (this price is the total cost including shipping and handling.)

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All-World Monster Map ($25)

Matted & Framed ($215)

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